Training program on "Solar drying of fish’ from 7/03/2017 to 8/03/2017 and 9/03/2017 to 10/03/2017.
  Final Convention Announcement
  Circular of Career Advancement Scheme, dated : 13-01-2017
  List of Equipments under test (Confirmed) and (Waiting) at CAET Dapoli
  NFDB Training program on ‘Value Added Fish Products from Low Cost Fish and shellfish’ from 20/01/2017 to 24/01/2017
  1st Annual convention of ISASaT- "Emerging trend in agril & allied science" 16-18,2017
  1 - Order for Granting Promotion on the Post of Professor (CAS)
  2-Order for Granting Promotion on the Post of Professor (CAS)
  36 Convocation Notice
  Application form for Migration Certificate (18-11-2016)
  IQAC Notification (dated 26.09.2016)
  Rate contract notification for supply of Chemicals/Glass wares/ Plastic Wares & silica Wares(year 2016-17)
  Training on Aquarium Management (13-12-2016 to 17-12-2016) at Marine Biological Research Station,Ratnagiri .
  Winter School on Gender Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship Development during 02/12/16 to 22/12/16 .
  NOTIFICATION for Career Advancement Scheme (CAS)
  CERTIFICATE for 10 scale