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Research Projects in Operation
At present 16 All India Coordinated Research Projects, 35 Ad-hoc Research Project funded by various agencies i.e. ICAR, NAIP, RGSTC, NFDB, RKVY, NHM and Govt. of Maharashtra, etc.


I) National Agricultural Innovative Project (NAIP)

  1. A value chain for Kokum, Karonda, Jamun and Jackfruit
  2. Study of the status and nature of variability in fresh water bivalves in western ghats and identification of spices with commercial values
  3. Value chain on fish production in fragile agricultural lands and unutilized aquatic resources of Maharashtra
  4. Development and maintenance of rice knowledge management Portal
  5. Understanding the mechanism of off-season flowering and fruiting in mango under different environmental conditions in PMC region

II) Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission

  1. Pilot Scale Demonstration of Value Added Products from Acetes using its functional properties
  2. Development of Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fish and Shellfish
  3. Community based adoption and management of fresh water
  4. Pilot Scale Demonstration fish and fishery based by-products.
Seed production of sea horse fish under captive condition

III) Other AD-HOC Projects

  1. Conducting of Impact studies of Thermal Power Plant on Mango Cashew Plantation and Marine Life (JSW)
  2. Project for collection, maintenance, evaluation and development of descripts of fruits and plantation crops and tree spices through live repository
  3. Centre of Excellence for Alphonso Mango at Dapoli

Centrally Sponsored Scheme – Micro Management Agriculture Development of Spices

  1. Plant Quarantine Laboratory (PEQ)
  2. Development of Agricultural Research Laboratories at RFRS, Vengurle
  3. Assessment of mineral profile relationship of animals, soil, feed and fodder.
  4. Suitability of factory waste water for rice and vegetable
  5. Forecasting Agricultural Output  Space, Agrometerology and land based observation
  6. Use of Irradiation technique for creation of variability in finger millet and assessment of mutants through molecular markers.
  7. National project on organic farming
  8. Effect on irradiction on seed germination, graft growth and elimination of stone weevil
  9. Improvement in nutritional value of finger millet by extrusion cooking technology
  10. Development of Bamboo based agro-forestry systems for six agroclimatic zones
  11. Germplasm collection, evaluation and mass-multiplication on TBO (Jatropa, Karanja and Kokum) of Konkan
  12. Prevention Extinction and Improving Conservation Status of Threatened plants through application of Biotechnological tools
  13. Bio-diversity Conservation plan Jaitapur
  14. Development and Demonstration of Sustainable methods of harvesting of Nothopodytes nimmoniana under different agro-forestry systems for optimizing the production of camptothecin and related high value metabolites
  15. Value Addition of fish products.

IV) Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)

  1. Promotion of seed and planting material of improved varieties developed by DBSKKV, Dapoli
  2. Transfer of Integrated Crop Management Technologies Developed by DBSKKV, Dapoli
  3. Establishment of Farm Machinery Testing and Production Centre

V) I) Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana – New Projects

  1. Innovative Water Resources Deelopment for Enhancing the Agricultural Productivity
  2. Production of Different Biofertilizers in Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli
  3. Establishment of Circular Hatchery for Carp Seed Production
  4. Strengthening of Fisheries Extension by Establishemnt of Fisheries Training cum Information Technology Centre at College of Fisheries, Shirgaon, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
  5. Production of Konkan Kanyal Goat in Konkan Region
  6. Capacity Building of Farmers in Konkan Region for Commercial Cultivation of Manga Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Stocksii)
  7. Transfer of Integrated Crop Management Technologies Developed by Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli

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